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Where do YOU keep details of your pets’ records and information?



Discover how they can all EASILY be kept together to create a permanent record of the life of your pet




Is this what you've been looking for !!

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Pets – don’t we just love them!!

Cats, dogs, birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils...........the list is endless.

They’re fun, good company and give us lasting memories.

On the downside though, is all the information you find you need to keep, like vets’ details, insurance policy details and documents, vaccine due dates …. that sort of thing.

But where DO you keep all the information about them? Scattered around the house, in different places……..cupboards……… drawers ?

Consider this. Have you ….

  • Ever had the requirement to produce your dogs' insurance details for the vet but couldn’t find them?

  • Ever needed to produce the vaccination records for your cat to someone and didn’t know where it was kept?

  • Ever wanted to show friends or neighbours photos of your pet, but realised that all their photos are either scattered amongst your own photographs, on your hard drive somewhere with all the other family photos or in a box in a cupboard somewhere in no logical order?

If any of these statements applies to you, perhaps now is the time you need to get PetsLife.

PetsLife provides pet owners with a permanent record of information about their pet, from birth or purchase, throughout its life, recording all the events and memories.


It is THE pet information software package, that allows you to store all the details and information about your pet on your computer, and builds up into The Complete Pet History and Information Package.

Stored in an easy to use and operate software package, is all the pet history information and memories that you, as a pet owner, will ever need on your pet.


“Your program has helped me to keep an accurate record of all my pet cat Mitzi’s details. When I was thinking about buying the PetsLife software, I sat down and thought where I kept all her different details and things, and right enough, as you mentioned, I did keep everything all over the place. Now, with PetsLife installed, I keep all her information, vet records and everything else all together. Thank you for helping me get organised.”             

Eleanor Buckfield, Student, Leeds

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You instinctively want the best for your pets – it’s only natural.

You probably keep all your household bill receipts neatly stored and organised in one central place – on computer perhaps, or in a special file, …… so now do the same with your pets information – keeping everything together in one place.

Recent independent market research has shown that over half of all UK households now have at least one pet.

Most people want their lives to be as organised as possible. With pet ownership on the increase, having all your pets’ information and details kept altogether, in one central place, is a sensible and obvious thing to want.

With PetsLife, there’s no more having vets stuff in one drawer, photos in another, insurance documents in a cupboard somewhere ……….because PetsLife has everything in one place.

There are five different versions of PetsLife, for cats, dogs, fish, birds and small animals, each with its own detailed sections and index, making it easy to find the information you want.


Each version of PetsLife has its own distinct blend of information and contents tailored to each kind of pet, with the system having been specifically designed by us, with ease of use and practicality in mind.


For example, it’s:

ü    Easy to install, thereby less time consuming set up procedure required

ü    Personalised to each pet, making it only relevant to your own pet

ü    Ability to add information whenever you like, leaving it always up to date

ü    Stores digital photographs, keeping all your pets' photos together

ü    Customer support available by email, phone and fax meaning that any queries can be resolved quickly

ü    All accessible on your PC or laptop, leaving you to organise it as you want it

Our aim is to give pet owners, like you, a permanent record of the life of your pet in an easy to use and understand format.


Photos, insurance documents, vaccination details and records, vets contact details, memories of your times together …………everything, altogether in one central place.


In a nutshell, this is what you get:


“A permanent record of information about your pet, from birth or purchase, throughout its life, recording all the events and memories”


A pet information software package that allows you to store information about your pet on your PC or laptop. Five different versions are available, one for each different pet category (cats, dogs, fish, birds and small animals), that allows the following types of information to be recorded:-


Pets Information - general information on your pet, at a glance


Family History - family background to your pet, tracing its history


Pet Passport & Microchip - details of and notes about both


Health - keeping track of your pets health record, including vets details and due dates for vaccines and treatments


Shows, Events and Forward Planner - details of shows and events entered along with venues, results and prizes awarded, together with a forward planner for future events


Litters & Offspring - history of your pets offspring including numbers, names, dates and details


Insurance - policy details including claim history


Gifts & Toys -  details of gifts and toys given to your pet


Photographs - a complete digital photographic record of your pets life


Memorable Moments -  a record of all the memorable moments that have been shared with your pet



Click here to see screenshots of the program.


“Marvellously simple to use and practical piece of software. Hard to imagine how I coped before I had it. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone with a pet who wants to keep all their pets information together in one place.”                                                         

Linda Miles, Housewife, Plymouth

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PetsLife is THE pet information software package, that allows you to store all the details and information about your pet on your computer.


Today, people all over the country are getting the benefit of PetsLife to keep their pets life organised.

Here’s the best news of all – PetsLife can be yours today, for the incredibly low price of only £20.

You can download the program, right now, and be up and running, organising your pets life, today.

Just think,

..........for less than what it costs to fill up your car with fuel……….

..........for less than what you might expect to spend on a trip to the pet shop……

..........for less than the price of a pair of shoes or trainers……….

…………………………………YOU can have PetsLife.




All products supplied by PetsLife are designed to a very high standard. If you are dissatisfied in any way with an item purchased, please email us with the details of the problem within 7 days of receiving them, together with your name and address, and await our early response.  This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

We want you to be happy with the PetsLife product you’ve bought – that’s why we offer you this guarantee.


This Organised System Can Be Yours In Just Minutes

After clicking on the download button on the order form, our system will deliver you your software immediately, so you can start organising your pets life within minutes.


We offer you two convenient ways to place your order:

1.   The fastest way to place your order is directly online through our secure server. Using this method, your software can be downloaded straightaway so you can start organising your pets’ life within minutes.

As we use the PayPal secure ordering system – you are assured of complete security when transacting with us online.

2.   You can also pay by cheque rather than credit or debit card. To order and pay by this method, simply print out the order form, complete the details, and send it to us with your cheque for the total amount.


Whichever method you prefer, click here to order your copy of PetsLife.


PetsLife - Pet Information Software






eBook Version Now Available - click here for Full Details



"THE Complete Pet History and Information Package"


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